Giving businesses the ability to add value by providing finance services directly to their customers.

Finnovate: Empowering Growth, Retention and Relevance.

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Turnkey financial solutions that leverage your company data to bring you brand new revenue streams and higher-than-ever customer retention rates.

Finnovate: Make your data count.

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Your Business. Your Customer. Your Data. Your Way!

Find your solution

Don't delegate. Finnovate

NextGen financial solutions for every industry

Your business. Your Customer. Your Way

Your customers are already using fintech solutions. Why shouldn't they be yours?

With Finnovate, you can quickly and easily leverage your company's unique assets and provide financial services directly to your customers.

It's simple:

No middleman. No banks. No credit card companies. Just you, your customer and a whole new revenue channel for your business.

Here's how it works

F-PaaS® is a next-generation, all-in-one, fully modular and scalable finance platform.

Super fast and easy to integrate, it's been built from the ground up to enable you to provide your customers with customized digital financial solutions, without deviating from your core business.

Why delegate a potential revenue channel away, when you can leverage what you already have and keep your customer closer than ever before?

Don't wait for the bank - be one!

Digital Fingerprint

Mobile Data Extraction Algorithms

Investment Management System

Online Polygraph

Regulations Experts

Credit Approval

Community Models

Information Security

Loan Origination System

Compliant Document Preparation

Rapid Distribution



Increase customer retention rate, adding more value while using your mobile penetration rate to leap over traditional banking services, providing financial solutions directly to your customers, whether banked or unbanked.

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Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies

Ideal for financial companies such as insurance companies, funds and digital banks looking to differentiate and improve their existing banking services.

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Car dealers

Car dealers

Provide a tailored financial solution at the point of sale to accelerate deal closure and retain customers for many years to come.

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Give your customers more value. Provide financial solutions, inhouse where it counts – at the point of sale.

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Whether you have an E-Commerce site or are a small retailer, we enable you to give various credit solutions at the POS.

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Endless Opportunities

Endless Opportunities

No matter the market sector, if you are sitting on data, we can effortlessly bring you brand new revenue streams and higher-than-ever customer retention rates.

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F-PaaS® empowers:

Business Growth

Customer Retention


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