Top-Notch Credit Platform for Every Type of Business

Easily launch your own financial loan services to increase revenue and improve customer loyalty.

One-Stop-Shop to Launch Credit and Loan Services

Tarya offers a market-leading and AI-powered SaaS platform to launch end-to-end financial services ready out of the box.

Tarya’s comprehensive financial services platform is equally suitable for small and large businesses seeking a hassle-free integration with our robust and scalable lending software.

We enable financial and non-financial companies to launch next-generation financial services in the shortest possible time and open new business streams.

By leveraging their financial know-how and customizing our solutions, companies can benefit from instantly analyzing each borrower’s risk profile, reducing loan defaults, increasing revenue, and improving customer retention.

Top Advantages that Give You a Financial Edge

Modular E2E Loan Platform

Choose the optimal solution based on your business needs.

Flexibility & Control

Explore our customizable tools to meet your customers’ needs.

Short Time-to-Market

Launch your loan or credit services in the shortest possible time.

Built-in Financial Knowledge

Leverage your financial know-how and partner with our experts.

Proven Technology

Access advanced tools, successfully deployed to power financial loan services and banks.

AI-Powered Risk Assessment

Reduce risk exposure, while increasing revenue with AI-drive risk assessment modules.

Automated Underwriting Process

Take advantage of intuitive processes for rapid credit approval.

Transparency & Trust

Implement our easy to use and fully transparent loan management software.

Industries that Can Reap Benefits from Launching Their Own Lending Platform

Retailers / Merchants

Drive your business success and brand loyalty by adding financial services based on advanced risk mitigation (e.g., Buy Now, Pay Later) as an additional revenue stream.


Expand your marketplace by adding your own financial lending products to boost deal flow, revenue streams and business relevance.


Increase average revenue per user by expanding your service offerings with your own financial lending service and user data insights.


Easily expand the range of your own financial lending products to increase customer lifetime value and engagement.

Car Dealerships

Be in the driver’s seat and create an end-to-end loan cycle to increase deals and financing a car options through your own lending service.


Introduce your own credit and loan services as part of your hospitality offerings and benefit from new revenue streams and user satisfaction.


Stay on top of the world and increase conversion rates and revenue potential by offering your own lending solutions to seal the deal.


Empower your customers with immediate credit and loan services to finance medical treatments and improve customer services while adding a new revenue channel.

Commercial Banking

Introduce next-gen financial services and increase the average revenue per customer by offering a faster loan approval cycle and a bird’s eye view of loan management.

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