Become the Ultimate Go-to Platform In Your Niche with Flexible Installment Terms

Marketplaces have to continuously expand their payment methods to ensure platform users can pay with their preferred payment method at the checkout. This delivers higher sales conversions, and a better customer experience.

Build better relationships between sellers and shoppers with your own installment infrastructure. Launch a Buy-Now-Pay-Later solution on your own terms to facilitate shopper experiences and bring as many opportunities as possible to sellers. Become their ultimate go-to market platform!


Connect sellers and shoppers and increase conversion rates.

Become the lifeblood of merchants and consumers and boost purchasing volume.

Stand out from your competitors by providing exclusive financial service.

Launch your own Installment solution with ease, ensuring flexible payment plans, safe transactions, reduced disputes, and impressive business growth. Because having the infrastructure to be a mediator between shoppers and sellers can help you leverage your business potential, from day one. All data stay in-house, you can use these insights for your marketing and upsell, as Installment Manager supports multiple purchases.

With our revolutionary Installment Manager – The Next-Gen BNPL – you can Increase conversions and generate new revenue streams, while control stays in your hands.

Launch your
own Installment
solution today!

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