Reduce Your Loan Risk

Increase Loan Approval Rates with
built-in AI-Powered Risk Assessment
and Machine Learning for
continuous improvement.

Are you experiencing many credit defaults and fraud attempts?

Validate upfront each borrower’s identity and credit risk profile before granting a loan.

Our advanced Risk Management Solution empowers lending products by minimizing credit risk upfront.

Our sophisticated AI & ML Rule engine is based on multiple data layers, enabling improved credit scoring decisions that reduce risk. Risk scoring and credit rating decisions are continuously improved over time.

The in-depth credit profiling of customers determines their trustworthiness, financial stability, credit standing, financial assets, behavioral patterns and their ability and willingness to return loans.

Risk technology merged with human expertise

Tarya combines financial expertise and know-how with advanced in-house developed technologies that are the foundation for creating, implementing, and supporting our customers to successfully launch financial services.

Our team consists of multi-disciplined and international professionals and includes accountants, statisticians, economists, and data system experts.

See What’s Under the Hood

Our Risk Management Solution includes several
main modules ready out of the box

Risk Management Screen

A lending API (application programming interface) is an advanced solution used to enhance loan origination and servicing and also to keep vital information for accounting and processing purposes for both the borrower and lender.

Note that there are different types of APIs, such as onboarding, underwriting, loan fulfillment, and loan collection APIs.

Without going into technicalities, we should explain that APIs are sets of rules that process information between applications, servers, devices, and more. To be more precise, an API acts as an intermediary that processes requests and exchanges information. This way, it helps applications and servers communicate and perform tasks.

For example, an API can help a client surfing the net to access loan-related information stored in a server’s database in order to make a better financial decision.

As most financing APIs are built to integrate a banking service with third-party networks and process vital credit account information (for example, between a lending organization and credit bureaus), any API requires an adequate and secure set-up. 

Thus, to set up an API, you need clear requirements and ongoing support from a reliable technology provider like Tarya Fintech.

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