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Launch or improve your credit/loan services in a fraction of the time.

Financial Services in the Cloud

Tarya’s Financial Platform as a Service (F-PaaS™) enables companies to provide end-to-end financial services to their customers effortlessly.

Using F-PaaS™ companies are empowered to further monetize their user base by adding new revenue streams based on fully integrated financial services. Companies immediately benefit from a strong upside to their business results driven by increased customer lifetime value and improved customer retention. Tarya’s first of its kind offering is an all-in-one, scalable SaaS platform for a seamless introduction of next-generation credit/loan services into any business environment. Companies are empowered to branch out into financial services, as an extension of their current service offering.

Industries that Can Reap Benefits from Launching Their Own Lending Platform

Tarya Fintech is a go-to financial services provider used by non-financial and financial enterprises. It provides an excellent loan management platform, ideal for telcos, car dealers, banks, and e-commerce businesses that aim to tap into new financial opportunities and enable free access to digital lending solutions to their global customers.

By employing such fintech solutions, any of Tarya’s clients can boost their revenue, facilitate work processes and increase their user base at the click of a button.

Tarya Fintech provides an advanced platform with flexible modules that can facilitate loan origination, risk assessment, and loan management. Whether it’s Buy-Now-Pay-Later as a service or customer profiling to reduce defaults, Tarya offers seamless integration, cost-effective solutions, short time-to-market, and transparent partnership.

One can easily book a demo or contact customer support to explore the full capabilities Tarya offers across the retail, banking, health, travel, and education sectors.

Given the importance of user data, data protection is of utmost importance at Tarya Fintech. Based on AI-driven data and novel encryption, we have created a risk-free environment where personal information is never used or sold without consent.

Moreover, unlike other credit providers, we help our customers regain control of their own business information and gain valuable user insights to gain a competitive edge in their sector.

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