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Tarya’s Financial Platform as a Service (F-PaaS™) combines a set of modular products into a comprehensive, all-in-one lending platform to provide businesses with the opportunity to launch their own end-to-end financial loan services.

Developed by financial experts, our AI provides an additional layer of smart and automated features delivering crucial business insights, and a decision support system to minimize loan risk, thereby ensuring the successful launch of your credit/loan service.

F-PaaS™ gives you peace of mind, knowing that all aspects of the full loan lifecycle are covered and accessible from a centralized platform developed and maintained by a single vendor.

Built-in AI and ML for a smarter, faster and automated loan process.

Our AI provides an additional layer of smart and automated features delivering crucial business insights to support business decision.

With AI at the center of risk assessment. our solution significantly reduces risk exposure to ensure businesses maximize their revenue potential through a successful and sustainable loan product.

Our ML engine continuously monitors and analyzes the results to further optimize and improve risk assessment

Challenges we solve

Companies seeking to introduce next-generation financial loan services face a long uphill process to sort out all the regulatory and product requirements.

Financial companies might have the know-how, but often lack the in-house resources to integrate multiple 3rd party products to create a functional, user-friendly and complaint lending product.

Non-financial companies lack the expertise and experience to create a successfully integrated end-to-end solution to manage the entire loan lifecycle.

In either case, time-to-market is slow, preventing companies from immediately benefiting from new revenue streams around financial services that boost bottom line results, increase customer life-time value, and improve customer retention.

See What’s Under the Hood

Our End-to-End Lending Solution includes several main
modules to deliver a holistic loan service

Loan Origination

An optimized onboarding funnel enabling both the borrower and agent/sales-rep to apply for a new loan.

Risk Management

Customer profiling based on multiple data sources (Financial/Credit Bureau data, Organizational data, Digital Profiling and Online Psychological Assessment). The accumulated user data is analyzed and our AI assigns a credit score for each borrower providing an immediate and in-depth risk assessment for each loan request.

Credit Management

A comprehensive platform to manage all aspects of the loan management lifecycle.

Secured loans are loans that require collateral or some kind of guarantee to secure funding. They often cover large amounts of money and can be both personal or business loans. Note that collateral can be a physical asset, such as a home or a car; in some cases, liquid assets such as cash and savings can also be accepted.

Secured loans are highly popular as they can help those with a low credit score to access funding and enjoy lower interest rates.

Secured loans, as explained above, require collateral; while unsecured loans don’t, meaning the borrower can access funding outright.

Another difference is that in case you can’t pay back your secured loan, the lender can seize the asset you’ve used as collateral. If you don’t repay an unsecured loan, on the other hand, no assets are required but you face credit implications and other penalties.

Unsecured loans come with different risks and benefits. One of the risks is that you may experience a negative impact on your credit score should you fail to pay back. Also, unsecured loans may come with lower borrowing limits, higher interest rates, and shorter payment periods.

That said, when applying for an unsecured loan, you don’t risk losing an asset, which makes them less risky for borrowers compared to secured loans.

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