Help Students Afford High-Quality Education with Tailor-Made Payment Plans


Installment Manager understands the financial challenges families face when it comes to education. By offering flexible payment plans with manageable installments, it makes education more accessible and eases the financial burden. With Installment Manager, families can invest in education without overwhelming their budgets, securing their future while building a loyal customer base.


Help individuals access education in a more manageable by offering tailor-made payment plans and, enable people to fulfill their educational aspirations.

Help your students to afford your courses

Easily add Installment manager to your checkout or use it at POS

Keep control over your customers and their data

Tarya provides Educational institutions with flexible white-labeled Installment Manager to enrich your offerings with your own lending service. You can set up your own payments for different students and educational tracts. All data stays in-house, you can use these insights for your marketing and upsale.

Don’t lose more students because of tuition costs, help them create their future. With our revolutionary Study-Now-Pay-Later solutions – the Next-Gen BNPL – you can be sure to have many more students and their loyalty due to you making their dreams come true.

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