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The average person takes one to two vacations per year. For many, that is a significant financial burden. As a travel agency, your priority is to provide incredible travel experiences to your customers, but sometimes that can be challenging. With the Installment Manager, you can effortlessly create customizable payment plans, ensuring a win-win situation for everyone. Mitigate risks, offer comfortable installments, and generate more revenue with the Installment Manager


Set your tours apart and increase conversion rates.

Easily add Installment manager to your checkout or use it at POS.

Keep all data in-house and don't let anyone take control over your customers.

Tarya provides travel companies with a flexible white-labeled Installment Manager, empowering them to offer their own lending service. Customize payment options for different travel products and customer segments while keeping valuable data in-house. Gain insights for marketing and upselling, as Installment Manager supports multiple purchases.

With our revolutionary Travel-Now-Pay-Later solutions, the Next-Gen BNPL, you can boost sales and increase customer loyalty. Stop chasing customers and help them live their travel dreams.

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