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Fast Ways to Increase to Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

Ecommerce Conversion rate not as high as it should be? Don’t worry.

If sales are low, there are a number of areas you can examine. Improving things like website layout, messaging, Point of Sale (POS) setup, and general feel that your users and customers experience can massively (and quickly) increase your conversation rate.

In this blog post, we’ll go through the many ways in which you can quickly unblock the path from check-in to checkout. It’s simpler than you think.

Understanding and Improving Conversion Rate

A great ecommerce business hinges on your rate of sales. To understand your conversion rate is, all you need to do is divide your conversions by the number of visitors. For example, if your online store is getting 5,000 visitors and 50 conversions, the conversion rate would be 1%.

The average ecommerce conversion rates are around 2.5-3%. You should aim to be at least over 3%. Creating an ecommerce conversion optimization strategy (CRO strategy) should be the first order of business.

Ecommerce Conversion Optimization Strategy

With the help of these 5 elements, you can successfully map out the blueprint of a robust CRO strategy, and increase website conversions.

  • Discoverability
  • Visual experience
  • User experience
  • Customer experience
  • Payment

Boost Discoverability

Before diving into conversion rate strategies, examine how discoverable you are. Essentially, how strongly associated you are with your customer’s solution (or the pain point they’re experiencing.) This involves examining your SEO results and general marketing and social media tactics.

Elevate visual experience

The visual experience encompasses everything from web design and layout to color schemes, images, photography, and even copy. While your ecommerce store or website do not have to be elaborate works of art, they should be aesthetically clear, attractive, and of high quality. This entails using quality photography, legible text, and appealing color schemes. Additionally, a good visual experience also evokes emotion and serves as a quick and efficient way to appeal to your target customer base through visual cues.

Simplify user experience

Prioritizing simple user experience (UX) ensures smooth interactions between your users and your product, service, or online store. In the context of ecommerce, app or site navigation and ease of buying is key.  Can potential buyers effortlessly go from page to page, and ultimately from product to checkout?

Improve customer experience

Provide prompt and reliable customer support through clear contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, and live chat options. Build trust and enhance the customer experience to improve conversion rates.

Streamline Payment Process

This is the crucial stage. Minimizing steps and create an obstacle-free path towards your Point of Sale (POS). Ensure the placement of payment button is highly visible, provide a convenient “add to cart” step, and ensure a crystal-clear checkout process. Clearly communicate the accepted payment methods available to your customers so that you minimize your cart abandonment rate.

Minimizing Cart Abandonment

Consider cart abandonment rate as a subset of your overall Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy. If you’re doing everything right but noticing a rise in cart abandonment, here are a few tactics you can adopt to improve your customers’ purchasing power and, as a result, increase conversion rates.

  • Speed Up Payment
  • Add Payment options
  • Add Trust elements

Speed Up Payment  

Optimize the loading speed of your website and checkout pages. Slow-loading pages frustrate customers and increase the likelihood of abandonment. Streamline the checkout process and remove any unnecessary steps or form fields to expedite the purchase.

Optimize for mobile

Make sure your website and checkout process are fully optimized for mobile devices. With the increasing use of smartphones for online shopping, a seamless mobile experience is essential. Ensure that buttons, forms, and overall navigation are user-friendly on mobile screens.

Add payment options

Offer a variety of payment options to accommodate customer preferences. Include popular methods such as credit cards, digital wallets, and alternative payment systems. Increasing purchasing power can be achieved by offering split payment options or deferred payment plans. Providing flexibility helps reduce barriers to purchase and caters to individual customer needs.

Add trust elements

Build trust throughout the checkout process by displaying trust badges, security seals, and customer reviews. Assure customers that their personal and payment information is secure. Incorporate social proof and testimonials to instill confidence in your brand and increase trust.

By implementing these strategies and focusing on conversion rate optimization, you can increase your ecommerce conversion rate, attract more visitors, and improve the overall success of your online business.

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