Installment Manager

Tarya Installment Manager is the Next-Gen BNPL solution, which offers full customization and flexibility. Businesses can easily integrate Tarya’s solution, with an unprecedented time-to-market. Unlike common BNPL providers, Tarya gives you the unique chance to set your own financial terms and regain control over user insights and data, boosting your sales and business potential.
Tarya Installment Manager stands out as it provides not only tailored-made solutions based on your business needs but a true partnership to help you succeed in the long term. Serving as a lender, you can set your own flexible financial terms based on your business needs and choose a level of risk. Unlike other BNPL solutions, Tarya Installment Manager supports multiple purchases, so you can sell more. Moreover, you own your customer data and use it for upsales without need to pass your customer to 3rd party lenders.
Yes, we offer consumer financing that works can work both online and at point of sale. If you decide to offer Installment Manager out of your online store, you can simply generate payment links and share them via text messages or email.
Definitely! Tarya offers you a white-labelled solution. Once again, integration is seamless and fast, helping you reach and onboard new customers with ease.
No, Tarya’s unique BNPL 2.0 can be used not only to purchase goods but services. Nowadays, business owners across any industry, including education, medicine, beauty, and travel, can provide consumer financing without third-party lenders and help customers achieve their best.
es, you can easily sell your trips by allowing customers to pay in installments. In fact, more travel companies are turning to consumer financing to help their customers purchase their dream vacation, especially those who cannot afford to pay in large lump sums. This can naturally lead to high customer satisfaction, so businesses can expect that their customers will return the next time.
With Tarya Installment Manager, you get paid with each installment. This gives you full control over your payments, schedules, and cash flow.

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