Embedded Finance BNPL 2.0 More than just a common BNPL

Increase Conversions. Generate new revenue streams. Choose your risk level. Keep all your customer data in-house.

Losing customers at the check-out stage? No more!

Reduce customer churn at the click of a button! Enrich your check-out with next-generation payment options to increase sales and generate new revenue streams.

Our next-gen BNPL 2.0 provides your business with an intuitive plug-and-play solution to easily launch your own consumer financing program with short time-to-market. Embed our BNPL 2.0 into your website or in-store as an alternative point-of-sale payment method to boost sales conversions and customer satisfaction.

While common BNPL solutions provide just financing options, Tarya BNPL 2.0 allows you to take ownership not only over payments but your customers’ experiences.

Common BNPL solutions provide lending to your customers and at the same time take ownership over them (“stealing them”), Tarya BNPL 2.0 provides the buy-now-pay-later solution while leaving you in full control over your customers.

Control the entire customer experience from purchase to funding and choose between taking all the risk or having us take it instead (premium service).

Risk or No Risk. You Decide.

Choose the risk path best suited for your business.

Tarya BNPL 2.0 is different from all the other “standard” BNPL solutions on the market. We offer two risk paths you can choose from.

Risk is yours – you take on the credit risk, but enjoy higher revenues from interest payments.

Risk is ours – you prefer no risk and choose to insure your credit contracts, for which you pay an insurance premium.

Both risk options benefit from our advanced AI and ML risk assessment engine to minimize your risk upfront. Each borrower is profiled using a multi-data layer to provide you with an immediate and accurate risk assessment for each loan request.

You decide which risk level you prefer for you credit products.

AI & ML to reduce risk and make smart business decisions.

Our built-in AI and ML engine ensures that your business is making the right risk decisions for every credit or loan request you receive.

Every borrower is instantly profiled pulling user data from multiple sources to create an in-depth user profile, including trustworthiness, financial stability, credit standing, financial assets, behavioral patterns and their ability and willingness to return loans.

Our AI then assigns a risk score to every borrower providing you with immediate and accurate insights to make better decisions while minimizing your risk exposure.
The integrated machine learning (ML) component ensures that our risk assessment is continuously improved over time.

Designed and developed by financial experts

Tarya employs a team of financial experts and skilled developers with deep financial expertise to create a cloud-based financial lending platform that complies with financial regulation, while delivering a user-friendly and automated lending process across the entire loan lifecycle.

Our experts provide valuable insights and work closely with our customers on their financial models and integration to ensure a smooth and optimal launch of their own lending service.

See what’s under the hood

So much more than a standard BNPL solution

All the features you need to successfully deploy an
Embedded Finance (BNPL 2.0) loan service for your business.



Add our BNPL payment solution to your online store in no time, via a simple and intuitive interface


Optimize your financial terms based on your business needs (# of payments, level of risk, interest rates)


Manage your business using our comprehensive loan management dashboard



Customizable & dynamic onboarding flow

Our Enhanced BNPL solution includes several main modules to deliver a holistic loan service.

Loan Origination

An optimized onboarding funnel enabling both the borrower and agent/sales-rep to apply for a new loan.

Risk Management

Customer profiling based on multiple data sources (Financial/Credit Bureau data, Organizational data, Digital Profiling and Online Psychological Assessment). The accumulated user data is analyzed and our AI assigns a credit score for each borrower providing an immediate and in-depth risk assessment for each loan request.

Credit Management

A comprehensive platform to manage all aspects of the loan management lifecycle.

Customer Onboarding Flow

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services are among the most popular financial methods that help merchants increase their sales and brand loyalty. BNPL services also benefit customers as they help them access high-priced items or services without going through burdensome credit checks. Given the flexibility of financing, this method is highly popular among Millennials and Gen Z shoppers and also those who don’t have access to traditional credit services.

The way BNPL works is pretty straightforward. Businesses can integrate BNPL via a BNPL provider, either online or in-store, to allow customers to make a purchase and pay later – via installments (e.g., Pay in 4) instead of paying a lump sum.

With over 350 million BNPL users globally, starting a BNPL business is not a new concept anymore but almost a necessity. Merchants can easily choose a financial services provider to help them integrate BNPL on their own terms and ensure a seamless positive customer journey.

Tarya Fintech is one of the fintech partners that offer customizable financing solutions across sectors, such as retail, education, travel, healthcare, and more, helping businesses boost their revenue streams.

Yes, BNPL is 100% legal. Though regulations vary globally, BNPL providers – considered drivers for change – impose strict requirements and provide solid disclosure agreements regarding fees and terms and conditions to protect users.

Moreover, advanced BNPL solutions also aim to reduce defaults by ensuring accurate customer profiling and customizable financing terms, creating a win-win secure environment for both sellers and buyers.

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