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The Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Installment Manager

Congratulations on taking an important step towards building a stronger business on your own terms! With the Installment Manager, you gain control over managing your payments and keeping track of your customers. This powerful tool allows you to streamline your business operations from a single dashboard. Before you launch your products and services through the Installment Manager, there are a few key phases to take care of. Let’s walk through the onboarding process in this simple and easy-to-follow guide.

Creating Your Merchant Account

The merchant account is where all the magic happens! It’s the space where you gain access to your personalized dashboard, empowering you to take control of your business operations. Within this intuitive dashboard, you’ll discover a world of powerful features and tools that enhance your payment management experience and keep track of all your important customer behaviors and insights.

To implement the Installment Manager, the first phase is to set up your merchant account.
By providing some basic information about your business (company owner name and first name, company owner email address, website and location) an OTP code will be sent to your email, once you successfully punch in the code in the OTP pop up field, you can get started with your merchant account onboarding.

An Overview of the Merchant Onboarding Checklist

The second phase of the process is the Merchant Onboarding Checklist. This comprehensive checklist consists of four essential phases: Business Details, Owner Information, Bank Setup, and Document Submission. Completing each phase brings you closer to unleashing the full potential of the Installment Manager.

Business Details

The ‘Business Details’ subsection is designed to gather essential information about your business. Make sure that all the information matches your business or company registration details. Ensuring the accuracy of these details is crucial for a smooth registration process.

Take a moment to gather this information before proceeding with the sign-up. In this section, you are required to provide the following details:

  • Registered business name: The official name under which your business is registered. This should be the exact name that appears on your legal documents, such as your business license or incorporation papers.
  • Registered company number: Enter the unique identification number assigned to your company during registration. This number helps to distinguish your business from others and is typically provided by the government or relevant registration authority.
  • VAT registration number (if applicable): If your business is registered for VAT (Value Added Tax), please provide the associated registration number. This number is important for taxation purposes and allows you to collect and remit VAT on behalf of your customers.
  • Business address: Please provide the physical address of your business. This should be the location where your business operates or where your registered office is situated. It’s important to provide an accurate address as it may be used for correspondence and legal purposes.

Note: Until you submit all the required information to Tarya and we review and verify your documents, your access to certain features and functionalities may be limited. This is to ensure the accuracy and validity of the information provided.

Owner Information

In the Owner Information phase, it’s time to provide your personal details, establishing your credibility and trustworthiness as a business owner. By accurately filling in your first name, last name, date of birth, ID number, residential address, and phone number, you are reinforcing your commitment to professionalism and building a solid foundation for success. When setting up your merchant account, it’s important to provide accurate information about the owner.

Here are the additional details we need to fill:

• Owner First Name: Please enter the first name of the owner of the business. This helps us personalize your account and ensure clear communication.

• Owner Last Name: Enter the last name of the owner. It’s essential for establishing your identity and maintaining accurate records.

• Date of Birth: Provide the date of birth of the owner. This information helps verify your age and identity, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

• ID Number: This could be a national identification number or any other unique identification issued by relevant authorities.
• Owner Residential Address: Fill in the residential address of the owner. This allows us to establish contact and ensures that we have accurate contact information.

• Street Address or Building: Provide the specific street address or building details associated with the owner’s residential address. This helps us further refine the location for correspondence purposes.

• Phone Number: Enter a valid phone number associated with the owner. This enables us to reach out to you for important updates and notifications related to your account.
By providing these additional details, we can ensure that your merchant account is set up accurately and that you have seamless experience managing your payment solutions through the Installment Manager.

Bank Details

The Bank Setup phase is where you provide crucial banking information. Enter your IBAN (International Bank Account Number), bank name, and bank account currency. These details are vital for seamless financial transactions, ensuring smooth operations and fostering business growth.
When setting up your bank account details in the Installment Manager, we require the following information:

• IBAN (International Bank Account Number): Enter the unique IBAN associated with your bank account. This internationally recognized format helps facilitate secure and seamless financial transactions.

• Bank Name: Provide the name of your bank. This allows us to establish the connection between your account and the corresponding financial institution.

• Bank Account Currency: Select the currency that your bank account operates in. This ensures accurate processing of payments and helps us align with your preferred currency for transactions.
By providing these bank account details, we can ensure that your Installment Manager is seamlessly integrated with your banking system. This enables you to manage split payments, send payment links, and gain valuable insights into your customers’ behaviors while maintaining a smooth and efficient financial experience.


The final phase is Document Submission. Here, you will upload the necessary documents for verification, securing your legitimacy as a trusted merchant. Prepare your business license, Emirates ID card (front and back), proof of association, proof of bank account, and passport. These documents authenticate your business and solidify your professional standing. Remember to upload files in PDF, PNG, or JPG format, with a maximum file size of 5 MB.


You’re ready to launch! Congratulations on successfully completing the simple set-up process for the Installment Manager. Now, it’s time to embark on an exciting journey of business growth and customer satisfaction. Rest assured, the team will diligently review and verify all the submitted documents within one business day. In case we encounter any issues, the verification process may take a little longer, but we’ll work tirelessly to resolve them promptly. Once you receive the verification confirmation, you’ll be equipped to take your business to the next level with the Installment Manager.

With the power of the Installment Manager at your fingertips, you can provide your customers with a tailored payment experience that fits their budgets and preferences. This personalized treatment will not only enhance customer satisfaction but also unlock new revenue streams for your business.
Embrace a bright future filled with financial success and happy buyers. The Installment Manager is your key to unlocking limitless possibilities.
Cheers to a prosperous future!

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