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Why a Core Financial Services Solution Is Foundational to Your NBFC

On October 1, 2022, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued a circular mandating that Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) implement core banking or CFSS (Core Financial Services Solutions) into their systems by September 2025. It’s no surprise that Indian NBFCs are transitioning into a new regulatory era, but legal requirements aren’t the only reasons. There remain numerous reasons why adopting CFSS is fundamental for your NBFC. In this article, we will explore why CFSS is so essential to an NBFC, especially when it comes to compliance, operational efficiency, borrower safety, and satisfaction

What is a CFSS (Core Financial Services Solution)?

A CFSS, also known as an end-to-end lending solution is similar to a core banking solution that is used by banks.  A modern day CFSS is a digital system that has features like loan and transaction management systems, borrower onboarding, reporting, and tracking capabilities. With the help of a CFSS’s financial companies can centralize all their data and transactions into a single hub and manage everything effectively.

Within the context of NBFCs, CFSS essentially automate, process and all manage lending activities involved in the loan process. This is also referred to as end-to-end lending software, as the name suggests, end-to-end lending software specifically focuses on all operations related to lending. This integrated, cloud-based software is designed with a modular structure, encompassing loan origination, loan servicing, data analytics, business intelligence, and reporting. Additionally this software automates and manages every activity related to the loan process.

Do NBFCs Need a CFSS or End-to-End Lending Platform?

The short answer is yes. Since Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) offer, process, and manage loans, the optimal core financial system should be an end-to-end lending platform that automates and oversees the entire lending process. However, more than that, an end-to-end lending platform integrates the entire lending process into a unified operation with built-in loan origination, risk assessment, and loan management, meaning that every loan can be processed, managed, updated and analyzed seamlessly.

What Are Some Feature Must-Haves?

There are many aspects to a robust end-to-end lending system, from operational efficiency to credit risk scoring to compliance. Here are five must-haves for a quality end-to-end lending or CFSS system:

1. Flexible borrower onboarding

Simplified onboarding experiences cannot be understated. In an age of seamless customer experiences, smooth onboarding is the gateway to a successful customer journey. Through configurable and automated borrower onboarding, NBFCs and lenders can offer borrowers tailor-made application forms according to specified loan needs. Through a highly customizable Loan Origination System, you can change as needed, and accelerate origination. Additionally, built-in fraud and AML detection mitigates risk during the onboarding and loan origination process.

2. Efficient Loan Product Creation

Developing a lending product typically involves a lengthy process of enlisting developers and committing time, money, and valuable resources. With efficient loan product creation, you can swiftly develop, launch, and market new loan products to your (expanding) customer base. This allows your NBFC to operate with increased agility and speed, as well as effectively scale your business at a lower cost.

3. Data Protection

Data protection is fundamental to any lending institution, be it an NBFC, an official bank, or a commercial lender. In fact, now it’s a major factor connected to compliance with the introudction of the The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill of 2023 (DPDPA 2023). Non-compliance poses a significant risk that cannot be ignored. A system must incorporate features ensuring data security, effective data management, and risk management, safeguarding both borrowers and employees within the organization. Compliance covers many aspects, below are all the areas affected by regulation and compliance needs.

4. Reporting

Timely and accurate reporting is essential for a lending business. Compliance reporting relies on a software’s capability to generate reports on payments and transactional details, statistics, and the ability to forecast certain activities. Automated reporting not only meets regulatory requirements but also enhances operational efficiency, saving time and preventing costly errors.

5. Banking-Grade Loan Management

To effectively operate an NBFC, one must have all the necessary tools to manage an extensive loan portfolio with precision. A platform with a centralized hub that includes a user-friendly dashboard, reporting capabilities, visualized data, transaction management, and an array of loan action functions enables NBFC loan officers and managers to seamlessly handle all activities related to loan management, as well as forecasting. For an NBFC, it is crucial to have a bird’s eye view of the whole operation.

6. Risk Assessment

Every borrower carries a varying degree of risk.  A multi-layered risk assessment helps determine potential risks, maximizing mitigation and maintaining a high level of transparency. Additionally, regulated risk assessment meets anti-money laundering (AML) regulations effectively, signaling a commitment to proactive prevention of financial crimes.Utilize a range of risk management tools and technologies for enhanced and informed decision-making in a dynamic market, ensuring sustained success.

Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI)

Data analytics involves the gathering, transformation, and utilization of data to derive insights and forecasts. In simpler terms, it harnesses vast amounts of data to guide organizations in making well-informed decisions, turning valuable insights into practical strategies and solutions. A platform that incorporates business intelligence capabilities, data analysis, data mining, and performance benchmarking enables an NBFC to manage effectively and respond swiftly to changes.

In Conclusion

The implementation of Core Financial Services Solutions (CFSS) or end-to-end lending platforms is paramount for NBFC lending operations. CFSS or end-to-end lending platforms offer a modular, cloud-based approach designed for agility in a rapidly changing digital environment. From compliance management to user-friendly loan origination systems, loan management, and risk management, a platform like this helps NBFCs embrace the digital era easily, without complication. Essentially, investing in robust, integrated solutions becomes not just a regulatory requirement but a strategic imperative for growth.

About Tarya Fintech’s Solutions

Tarya Fintech offers software solutions and loan platform products designed to provide highly robust functionality, ensuring full compliance with accordance to RBI’s new requirements and the 2023 Digital Personal Data Protection Act. Our platforms support the end-to-end loan processes required of a CFSS, offering an efficient, user-friendly, secure, and scalable system. Through Tarya Fintech, NBFCs have the power to transform their lending and business operations and achieve enhanced profitability.

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